Saturday, March 29, 2014

Snowshoe, West Virginia Ski Trip

For spring break 2014, I decided to do something new and plan a SKI trip!  This is something even I had never done before.  In fact, I can count on one hand how many times I’ve seen snow!  I wanted to find a place that we could drive to.  So, we chose Snowshoe, West Virginia.  Our Spring break started on Friday, March 21, when we went to the Zoological Wildlife Foundation near Homestead.  That was an amazing experience in itself, as we were able to interact with many exotic animals.  Saturday, we did the Run or Dye 5K in the morning, ran home to finish packing, and started our drive.  We stayed the first night with my parents in Umatilla, FL.  We drove on to St. Augustine, FL on Sunday and met some friends there, Temo and family.  We had a great time discovering the rich history of Florida.  That night, we stayed at another friend’s house, was Christine Weltmer.  I hadn’t seen her since middle school!  Monday, we spend another day in St.
Augustine, before driving on to Columbia, South Carolina.  We arrived at our Super 8 at 10:30 pm!  Tuesday, we were to arrive in Snowshoe, so we had a lot of driving to do on this day.  What was supposed to take 7 hours, took 10 ½ hrs because of stops and SNOW!  We started seeing a little snow on the ground in North Carolina.  This was VERY exciting!  We stopped in Virginia, where it was actually snowing, and we had a snowball fight!  The rest of the drive had on and off snow, but usually pretty light.  It wasn’t until we started up the mountain the snow got scary.  We went through some heavy snow that was piling up on the road.  It was hard to see anything but white!  My tires were spinning, and I really didn’t think we were going to make it through.  We were sliding on the road!  This is probably the most scared I have ever been, like for my life.  We started praying!!!  Then it wasn’t long that we could see the road again.  God totally cleared things up for us!  We both felt very grateful and humbled. 
God is so good!  By the time we arrived at the resort, it was dark and snowy.  We were very excited to see all the snow!  It was oh so cold at about 24 degrees on Snowshoe.  Most of our drive in the snow was around 36 degrees, give or take. 
On that first night in Snowshoe a heavy snow fell with howling wind!  It was colder than we could imagine!  We were thankful to not be driving on this day in all the wind and snow!  We were safe and sound at the resort, ready for our ski lesson.