Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Girlfriend Moved Down to South FL

It’s been a while since I posted.  I was busy with Hannah and my summer course, and then we went on a month long road trip…much needed!  I was able to relax before being thrown back into the fire.  And so it begins!  The X’s fiance moved down here from Orlando, so everything has changed.  In fact, he hasn’t even told me, himself.  He said last night that he would take off work early to spend time with Hannah, only to take Hannah to their new HOUSE behind my back!  Can we say I’m FUMING!  I made it very clear that I am to know where my daughter is at all times!  I also made it clear that she is not to spend time with them before we see the counselor together.  I really didn’t think he’d stoop low enough to simply not tell me where he was taking her, knowing that she’d tell me where she had been.  She said they live in a nice house with a pool!!!!  A pool?  Imagine that?  I shouldn’t be surprised.  He’s been saving all of his money from his job, the money his dad gives him as a 2nd salary (you heard me right), and money from 2 rental properties.  He has NO expenses of his own!!!  So, why not buy the girlfriend a nice house?  OK, I know I’m angry right now and it shows.  This is all very fresh, which is why I don’t bother to call him just yet to chew him out.  I want to be in the right mind for such an encounter. 

I know the 2nd part of this year will only get worse.  I know many things will come up with Hannah when she starts to “see” things about her dad.  I just dread seeing her hurt.  I pray that she will be naïve to the time he spends with this other child. 

From what he told me, they decided to have them move down before getting married, smart on her part!  “Hey, buy me a house and then I’ll see if I still want to marry you.”  HAHA!  My sources say that he’s already been staying over there quite a bit, and he’s moved some of his clothes there.  Did we really think he could resist?  I also hear he is attending a Catholic church down here that she chose.  I guess it’s better than NO church.  I feel safe in knowing that Hannah will continue to go to church every Sunday with me.  She will refuse to go with them, anyway.  She’s very at home at our church.  Oh, the drama…

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