Sunday, April 8, 2012

My 2nd Divorcary

I can proudly say I’ve made it through 2 years divorced!  I’m so thankful for what the Lord has taught me through all this.  I am an independent, strong and MUCH wiser woman now!  I am content in my singleness.  I am whole in the Lord and “need” no man!  I put that in quotes, because it would be nice to share my life with someone.  But having a man doesn’t complete me.  It is a desire, not a “need”.  I still believe that God has someone special for me.  I believe that he is out there somewhere, also waiting for me.  I continue to pray for am and patiently await the moment God brings us together.  
I simply live my life for today and am not sitting around waiting for something.  I don’t know if we will meet soon or years from now.  So, life goes on.  I continue to focus on my education and my little girl.  I try to accomplish a lot in little time as a single mom in grad school trying to keep house.  Now that I’m figuring it all out, I’ll throw in my internship this summer, where I’ll work on top of my normal load.  Hannah will go to summer camp for the first time, which I HATE!  I will miss doing all the fun things we do every summer.  I still hope to take some vacations here and there.  But it’ll be hard to get to the beach much.  We may be able to hit the pool after work some days.  As usual, we’ll work it out.  Life just seems to get more and more complicated.  See, who has time to date, anyway?  I’m a very busy lady most days.  However, life is good!  I am happy!