Sunday, February 6, 2011

Life is Good

It’s hard to believe after everything that’s been happening in my life lately, but life is good. I have my neck brace off and my neck is feeling pretty good. I’m able to resume normal activity. My van is finally FIXED after going to 3 different shops! That’s a load off! School is going well. I’m not necessarily caught up on my reading, but I’ve realized I never will be, and that’s OK. I’ve gotten straight A’s and didn’t come CLOSE to reading everything. So, I’ve learned to let that go and do what I can.

I’ve learned so much in my classes. Some classes have actually changed me! I can’t wait to see the woman I will be on graduation day. God is really working in my life. I’m so blessed. I thought I already knew a lot about how people think and why they do the things they do. HA!

I was able to watch my daughter sing a solo in school on Friday and a duet this Sunday in church (NTBC). I praised her on using her gift of song to glorify Jesus! My little girl is such a blessing.

We adopted a new kitten, Cloe, which has been wonderful! Hannah learns responsibility as she has to clean the litter more often now. I have also started her on washing dishes. She get’s to put the recycling in the garage, as well. She’s a very good helper….even though I catch her making up songs about how she’s Cinderella with all the work I give her. HAHA! Usually, she does her chores without complaint, often before I ask.

My life feels blessed….for a change. I’m hopeful that the worst is over and things will start looking up from here. I’m still waiting on the lawsuit to see if I will get some money back from the body shop that tried to steal my van. I’m also waiting to see if my X’s family will forclose on my house, which is already in foreclosure. But either way, I have faith that God is working. He will bless me and Hannah with this house or a better one.

I’m so thankful that God walked along side me through the valley.

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