Sunday, May 22, 2011

Insecurity Improvement

Thankfully, I have seen improvement with the insecurity Hannah has had.  Thanks to the play therapist her dad and I have been seeing, her dad has not been yelling at her so much.  It has made a HUGE difference.  I have seen her wanting to spend the night with him a lot more now.  She is able to handle 2 nights away from me now.  She still may ask me to come pick her up or may call often, but I’m able to talk her down. 
            This past weekend, I started my summer class.  Hannah’s aunt picked her up from class on Friday.  Hannah spent the night and all day Saturday with her.  I picked her up in the afternoon.  Then Hannah went to her other aunt’s house, by choice, to spend the night.  She came home for church Sunday.  Then she opted to spend Sunday night with her dad, and may spend Monday night, too.  I guess the important thing is that she has seen me everyday.  But I’m glad she’s feeling more comfortable spending nights away from me.  I see that as a big step! 
            Here’s the frustrating part for me:  Even though Hannah spent Friday and Saturday at her dad’s house with her aunt, HE wasn’t ever there!  Apparently, he was in a hotel somewhere locally.  I can depend on his sister more than I can on him to care for HIS daughter!  He chooses which of HIS weekends he wants to spend with Hannah.  I just prepare to keep her every weekend, just in case.  Then he complains that he wants to see her more.  HA!  Prove it!  Anyway, that was me venting… 
            He’s planning to take Hannah to Orlando for Memorial Day weekend to visit his fiance and her daughter.  He’s going to take them to a couple theme parks, from what I hear.  She’ll be away for 3 nights!!!  I’m anxious to see how it goes.  She really seems to like being with them…more so than just with her dad.  She says he’s boring.  He has promised to get a hotel for him and Hannah while there.  That’s part of the deal! 

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  1. it does sound like progress! I am glad its getting better!! good ness knows you may miss her, but the break is good for you too!