Sunday, May 22, 2011

Another Surgery?

          Trials continue in the life of Jessica.  As seen in previous blogs, in Dec 2010 I had spinal surgery in my neck, which was terribly difficult for me.  Well, I’ve had pain again for the last few months.  I went back to the surgeon, and he’s basically saying that I will probably need to have surgery AGAIN!  What’s happening is the space between my vertebrate are not healing properly.  They should have been fused completely 3 months after surgery.  I’m now on month 5 and both show lack of fusion.  Why do these things happen to me?

                He wants to go in through the back of my neck this time.  He would fuse the vertebrate together and fuse the vertebrate to the spine.  He says this surgery would be less risky than the 1st.  The problem is that he is not 100% sure this will stop my pain.  This kind of pain can be caused by many different things.  He says it could be a symptom of arthritis forming in my neck from the surgery.  But arthritis is not showing up yet on the scan. 

                If God can really heal, now is the time for Him to do it.  I need a lot of prayer to make this decision.  This is summer, when my load is lighter.  If I’m going to do surgery, summer would be the time to do it.  I have so many things to plan around.  I have a big 1 month road trip planned for July.  I’ve worked SOOO hard to plan my vacation this year, only to have it derailed by this surgery?  I don’t want to wait until Christmas again.  Christmas is a very special time of year where you don’t want to be stuck unable to move.  It seems I live in constant crisis.  Thank you for your prayers!!!

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