Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Protect My Daughter, Oh Lord!

I must accept that every other weekend, my daughter will spend time with another woman. I don’t know this woman, and yet she is molding my daughter. This is more than I can bear alone! On these weekends, Hannah doesn’t go to church. She is not taught Godly principals. She eats whatever she wants to eat and does whatever she wants to do. She comes home a different child. So, I must get her back in shape after every weekend spent with her dad. She must know that she doesn’t behave like that in my home.

This isn’t how I pictured motherhood, sharing this very important responsibility with another woman. No, it isn’t fair! But this is how it is now. I’ve learned that I must accept this, and simply do the best I can do. I can only trust God for the rest.

I’ve prayed that God will protect my little girl when she’s away from me, for she is out of my care. I pray that what she sees and hears will be pure. This woman also has a daughter, who is 5 like Hannah. From what I can tell, she is not as well behaved as Hannah. Hannah comes home making disrespectful comments or using mildly inappropriate vocabulary. But once again, I give it over to God.

Legally, I have no grounds to tell him what he should or shouldn’t subject our daughter to. He won’t listen even when I tell him, so I swallow it, as hard as that is. All I can do is my best. God will take care of my princess! He is her ultimate FATHER!


  1. This is very very very hard. It does not get better..but it does get easier. The your child will ultimately reflect both of you and there will be times that the unfairness of that will cripple you..but, when all is said and done, as you say, God loves her even more then you do. He will care for her when you are not beside her!

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