Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hannah Meets the 2nd Girlfriend

Hannah came home yesterday telling me about this female “friend” of her dad’s that hung out with them all day yesterday.  Come to find out, this is his new girlfriend that he didn’t bother telling me about!  I don’t care if he has a girlfriend, but I don’t appreciate him having her around Hannah during his short time with her.  Last night, he even asked me to keep her on his night, seemingly, so he could go out on a DATE!!!  I always plan my life around my time with Hannah!  My philosophy on that is if he asks me to spend extra time with my daughter giving up his own time, I’m going to take it if at all possible.  If he doesn’t want her around, I probably wouldn’t want her around him either.  
Hannah’s dad had a fiancé up until last summer, I guess.  He even had her and her daughter come over and spend the night when Hannah was there.  That pushed me over the edge!!!  It was bad enough that Hannah was forced to spend time with these people she didn’t even like, but then to have immorality modeled for her?  So, of course, I’m feeling pretty flustered about this news.  He only thinks about what’s best for himself, not Hannah.  
Anyway, when asked if she liked this woman, Hannah said yes.  From what I hear from Hannah, she’s tall, brown hair and loves roller coasters.  They’ve been to her town home.  She has no pets or children.  I asked if she’s a Christian.  Hannah said, “She seems like a Christian, because she’s really nice.”  Although really nice is a great thing, that doesn’t make a person a Christian.  So, we shall see.  
So, I’m left wandering if I should say something to her dad about having her around his girlfriends, or just pick my battles and leave it be until I see a problem?  Oh, and Hannah said that they hold hands when together.  That’s how I know this is a girlfriend.  Legally, I know I have no grounds to keep Hannah away from his women.  But the fact is, I do NOT trust his judgment on what is OK to subject Hannah to.  
And we had such peace lately between us.  I guess it was time for an issue to arise.  I guess I should be glad it’s not a new girl every weekend.  

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