Friday, April 2, 2010

A Good Day in the Garden

I spent the day working in the yard today, something I enjoy doing. Then a friend, Laura, came over to visit me and Hannah to hang out later. We ordered pizza, something I haven't done in years! Can you believe that? After Hannah went to bed, Laura, a beautition, gave me my very first WAX! Yes, I waxed my eye brows for the very first time!!! She also trimmed my hair. It was fun, well, maybe not the waxing part. OUCH!

Hannah was very interested in all the "stuff" Laura brought. She watched Laura waxing her own brows and decided it wasn't for her. HAHA! I think Hannah made a new friend in Laura. She gave Hannah all sorts of interesting beauty tips. :) Being a princess and all, these kinds of things are VERY important to Hannah. It was a good day, thank God.

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