Monday, April 19, 2010

A Difficult Day

It has been a difficult several days, but I feel better on this Monday morning.  Yesterday, I was able to meet with a friend who's been where I am.   It was so helpful to bounce my thoughts off of her.  She didn't even have to give advice, per se, just ask the right questions.  I was able to come up with solutions to many of my fears.  One of the biggest things I've been battling with was what career to go into.  I need to study for my Master's in something I enjoy that will make enough money to support my daughter and myself.  I've always thought I'd go into counseling, but I learned that it's hard to make much money in that field.  I hated to have to worry about the money, but I am a single mom.  That's very important.  But what else was I to do?

After talking with my friend, she was able to help me to see what God wanted me to do.  God has put me through all of these trials so that I can help others in similar situations.  I have such a strong interest in psychology.  I enjoy reading self-help books, always trying to improve myself, which in turn will help others.  It was like the little light bulb turned on and I had a "dugh" moment.  What was I thinking?  I have been put in this exact position for such a time as this, as Esther was in the Bible.  (I have a lot of these moments.) 

It all comes down to, God has been molding me into the woman He needs me to be to be able to use me.  None of this is about me, or even about Hannah.  What is money to God?  If I fall short, He'll make up the difference!  My job is to trust in HIM!  I believe he used my friend to help this to become clear.  Believe me, it couldn't have been more clear!  I feel like a fool that I even worried about this.  I'm thankful for the straight forward way God speaks to me.  He continues to walk with me through the valley every step of the way.

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