Sunday, April 4, 2010

Thankful for the TRUE Meaning of Easter

Hannah and I have a really good Easter week. She has completed 7 Easter egg hunts! Yes, we have a lot of candy! I enjoyed joining her at the Easter Chapel at her school. She's such a little praise and worshiper. I LOVE it! Afterwards, I watched the egg hunt at school. Then she had her Easter Party there. I picked her up early for our Baby Bunch Easter party, which is always a BLAST! There were pony rides, a petting zoo with bunnies, a bounce house with slide, the Easter Bunny came for pictures with the kids, an egg hunt, and food. So this was a VERY busy day!

Hannah went to Jungle Island on Friday with her daddy for their Easter Egg hunt. I took her to another community hunt on Saturday, and today, she had a hunt at church and another Easter Party/hunt at a friends' house in the afternoon. Oh, and of course, the Easter Bunny paid my house a visit, so she had another hunt this morning before church. That makes 7!!!! Hannah is one blessed little girl.

I was so impressed how Hannah so eagerly told people she met the importance of the REAL reason for the season, that Jesus Died and rose again to save us for our sins. What an important day of celebration. I don't even want to think what life would be like for us without the resurrection! In addition, every time Hannah found an empty egg, she reminded me that that egg was for Jesus to represent the empty tomb. She is my little evangelist!!! What an amazing little angel. I thank God everyday for her.

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