Monday, August 9, 2010

Divorce Rate on the Rise

Today I watched two young girls for a friend of mine. Turns out she, too, is going through a divorce. Then later today, I found out that another friend of mine with a little girl and two older boys is also going through a divorce. Now, I just feel so down. Why is this happening? Isn’t marriage supposed to be FOREVER?!?!?! Marriage used to be sacred. What happened to those days when men took care of their wives and children, instead of thinking only of themselves?

Is a good marriage even possible these days? What are newlyweds to expect? Do they risk starting a family together knowing that divorce is likely in their future? I surely don’t know many happily married couples with kids, myself. Are they out there?

My grandparents are my marriage mentors. My grandpa is turning 94 next month, and my grandma is 86 yrs old. They are still together, and still walk hand in hand. They finish each other’s sentences. They have grown closer with time. It wasn’t always easy for them, but divorce was not an option for them. They had to make it work. Having young children is hard, and they had 4 under the age of 5 yrs old!!! My grandpa was a Methodist Minister, which didn’t bring in much money. Yes, they had it hard! We all have it hard, but we have to work together to get through those hard times. That’s marriage….it’s team work! Is that so hard to understand?

What’s going to happen to this generation of children, who are raised by single moms? What kind of marriages are they expected to have? What is Hannah going to say when she finds out what her father did to us? How will that affect her? What will she think when she knows how selfish he was, as he sacrificed his family for filth? My heart breaks for children like her. They deserve so much more! They deserve a 2-parent family who loves them. It’s just not fair!!! They are so innocent in all of this. Why must they suffer for the sins of one or both parents? Their job is to protect their children, not to harm them. I just feel sick as I ponder this….SICK!

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  1. I struggle with this too! My parents have been married almost 45 years and are happy!! BUT around me?? I see brokeness! and so many blended families breaking too..scares me to death!!!