Saturday, August 7, 2010

Our Vacation to Colorado

Written July 25, 2010
Colorado is one of those places I’ve always loved to go. We went almost every summer as kids. I took my X to the family cabin there, while dating. He never went again. It’s just too rustic for him. I think it’s sad that some people are so spoiled with their luxurious lives that they can’t enjoy the simple pleasures.

The cabin is 50 yrs old. My grandpa built him entirely by himself. It is a treasure, in the most beautiful place. There is a stream that trickles past. There are tall pine trees surrounding the cabin. The cabin sits at the bottom of a cliff. There are only 50 cabins in the whole canyon. Ours was one of the first. We really do have the best lot, I think. You can’t see another cabin from ours. You can hear the chirps of the hummingbirds outside fighting over the feeder I put out for them. It’s near 50 at night and near 70 during the day. There is not a sound around that doesn’t come from nature.

I can’t imagine a more peaceful place. I sit by the fire and ponder how amazing our God is to form such beauty. I’m so thankful that he’s given us this place, that we can come to and just unplug from the world. There are no phones, no TV, no internet. It is rustic. I think it’s important for people to leave their busy lives once in a while to remember what it’s like to slow down and just….be. Become one with nature. Don’t depend all the time on being entertained with the newest gadget. Chop your own firewood. There is no heat or insulation here. I am wearing a short sleeved shirt with a sweatshirt and am sitting by the fire and am still chilled. I need another cup of hot tea!

We look forward to some great adventures while out here for the next two weeks. Right hear in the canyon we can go on numerous hiking trails. One is about 3 miles up to a meadow in the middle of an aspen grove. Another is up the other side of the canyon to the summit, where you can see beautiful scenic views of the surrounding mountains. You must be on alert, though, there are bears and mountain lions out here. They’ve never caused a problem though. In fact, I’ve never seen either one. I did hear a lion in a cave I was about to go into, though. Needless to say, I didn’t stick around to see her. I believe she was protecting cubs.

You can also drive about 20 min down the mountain into a town called LaVeta. It is very slow paced, a small town. We enjoy visiting the local convenient store, Charlie’s, where we eat ice cream and buy groceries. There is a library, where we may go on a rainy day to find books for Hannah and internet access for me. J

Yes, we’re living it up! I hope you all take some time to just…be. It’s healthy. There are no worries here!

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