Sunday, August 29, 2010

Acceptance of the Inevitable

The X had Hannah all last weekend and took her to Blizzard Beach in Orlando. To my surprise, she came back talking about his new girlfriend and her daughter (5 yrs). Apparently, they had spent every day with the X and Hannah throughout the weekend. She lives in Orlando, but comes to visit him down here frequently. Hannah informed me that she’s met them down here before. I was SHOCKED that he was having our daughter meet another woman so soon. Not only that, but he had lied about it.

After a week of meditating on all of this, I have come to a point of acceptance. I figure, at least he’s just with one woman instead of several casual ones. I’ve decided to start praying for both of them. I pray that she is kind to Hannah and learns to love her as her own daughter, who is about the same age. Will the relationship last, I don’t know. But I do know he’s posted photos of her on facebook, which I’ve seen. That seems pretty serious. I’ve been praying that she’ll be a good role model for Hannah, as a mother figure. I know, for now, she’s only seen as a friend of her daddy’s. But I’m guessing that may soon change.

Hannah had a good time over that weekend with her daddy, and for that I can be thankful. She was not harmed. I’ve thought about talking or writing to the X about what I know, but what will that help? He’s not going to change anything just because I said so. I had already told him, “Under NO circumstances do you let any of your women around Hannah.” Did he listen? NO!

Someone told me I should ask to meet this woman, or anyone else spending time with our daughter. I know I’m not ready for that yet, nor do I know if it’s a good move…still thinking about that. I know I can’t be the one to tell her what my X really did to me. I can’t be at fault for a break-up, or he will resent me forever. It’s not worth it. She’ll have to be on her own, I suppose, even though that’s against every bone in my body. If I was her, I certainly would want to know what my boyfriend did to his previous WIFE! But I’ve been told not to get involved. The only reason I would have for meeting her is to just get to know her for Hannah’s sake.

After a week of meditating on what happened last weekend, I am in a better place. I’m over it! God is so good, as He always heals my wounds quickly.

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